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It is advertised as “the creepiest horror flick since ‘seven'”. I must admit that it is a very good movie with a very surprising ending. But I would not compare it to a stroke of genius like “seven”. Well, even the plot is not that near to that serial killer epos.

Well, I don’t want you to think that it’s a crappy movie. Not at all. I liked it very much even the ending and everything. It left me and my friend with a lot to talk about afterwards. Which I think is very important for a movie to do! But I think this is another example of counter-productive marketing techniques. Comparing movies with other films is just not the right thing to do.

Comparing films to masterpieces as advertising strategy is really turning me off. Because it doesn’t do justice to any of the two.

A better way is in this case the very “beautiful” website. It is really immersive and enthralling. It totally gets you into the action, but still leaves you without a clue of how the movie really takes place. I think you should really go for sites like this if you want to promote entertainment! Really cool. In opposition to the “Constantine” website which I find really boring in comparison to the “SAW” website. (Constantine website)

How do you feel about it? Have you seen “SAW”? What do you think about movie advertising strategies? What do you think of the Website?

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  1. Der erste Kommentar von mir. Es ist mir eine Ehre.
    Ich freue mich das Du mittlerweile auch online bist.Also Blog-online, mit anderen Sachen bist Du ja schon vertreten.Also…
    Ich habe den Film noch nicht gesehen.Ich würde aber soooo gerne.Kann mir den aber nicht alleine anschauen,weil ich Angst bekomme.Shit.Ich muss also auf einen Freiwilligen warten der sich den mit mir anschaut.Ich mag doch son Halbsplatterzeug sooo gerne.

    Liebe Grüße aus München (Küsschen)

  2. when does constantine start in germany? or is it allready in the movie theatres? i am really looking forward to it’s matrix-kind-special effects and imagery … the constantine website is ok but way to slow. it takes several minutes from the tiny bit they give you about the characters to the mini-movie-clips inbetween … must have been some lousy flash-designer 😉
    i will check out the saw website right now.

    oh and by the way – i like the new blog!
    rock on – stefan

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