– ‘People Who Hate People’ – ‘People Who Hate People’

I’d like to bring to your attention a man that has inspired me very much in being cynical and dis-illusioned. He was one of the more aggressive comedians in the american scene. And funny enough his remarks about the first War on Iraq – “desert storm” – still apply to the current situation. Even the name of his major opponent stayed the same: George Bush…

Well, unfortunately he is dead already, but if you ever have the opportunity to get ahold of any book or cd by the hero of “comedy of hate”, just take a second to check it out.

I guess you could by some stuff at Amazon:

Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines
Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution
Rant in E-Minor
One Consciousness: An Analysis of Bill Hicks’ Comedy
Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines

For those of you who live near-by: You are welcome to stop for an evening of musings about Bill Hicks and listen to some of his works!

Here’s a small appetizer: “My opinion on gays in the military? Well… Anyone….DUMB ENOUGH! to wanna be in the military…should be allowed in!” – I quite like that taste 😉

Let me know if you have heard about Bill Hicks before and what you think of him. Share! 🙂

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  1. Hat gerade nicht geklappt.
    Deshalb noch einmal: Ich habe leider nicht alles verstanden, aber über .G. Bush scheinen wir einer Meinung zu sein.
    Was hast du denn nun für ein neues Auto?

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