Deutsche Post AG – a mailbag full of problems

I have been having trouble with one of the basic service institutions every society depends upon: The Postal Service (Deutsche Post AG). I can’t really understand what makes managers and employees tick in this corporation. I mean, don’t they realize that now is the time to position themselves as a reliable partner not only for businesses but also for private customers?

But it seems like they want to destroy every credibility they have before the monopoly breaks.
Here’s just two examples:
1. I was visiting my girlfriend in Munich and I forgot to pack two things: My Karl Lagerfeld@HM tie which I bought for New Year’s Eve and my MP3-Player with 256 MByte. My girlfriend packed each one in a separate air cushioned bag and sent them on their way. Funny enough only one item made it through to me. You can guess which one (one tip: I am still looking flashy in a suit 😉 ) The only comment Deutsche Post AG employees made was that there are always “black sheep“. Does that mean that I have to go home and pray every time I send a letter with the Deutsche Post AG? My girlfriend filled out a retrieval application to make the Deutsche Post AG go and find the lost envelope. About 4 weeks later they sent a note that the application can’t be processed because the brand name and the description of the MP3 player for missing on the application. Which is a plain lie. I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend while she was filling out the application and I was spelling out the details from the package of my MP3 player. So this means: They just don’t give a shit…

2. My girlfriend was preparing a very special package for Christmas. She had put a lot of work and sweat into the design und presentation of all the presents for her family in Dortmund. So she wanted to get the package there as soon as possible. She sent it on December 17th, one week before Christmas Eve. Unluckily, the package only arrived in Dortmund December 28th with a slight detour via Lübeck(which is one of the most northern cities in Germany). A lot of tears were cried and a lot of swearing was done. Especially because the package that her parents sent to Munich was handled from Tuesday to Wednesday… Explanation, anyone?

Alright, I admit that you could argue the second example was DHL and not Deutsche Post AG, but: DHL is owned by Deutsche Post AG so I don’t make that slight distinction anymore, okay?

Could people please go back to working the way they used to? I mean, they were always totally annoying and “service” was not the descripton of choice but at least the basic transportation was managed correctly. Maybe it backfires if you have the word “layoffs” in the air and your employees are a little bit unsettled about their situation. But who am I to comment on that. They don’t care about disgruntled customers as long as the monopoly lives…

What are your experiences with service providers in Germany and abroad? I heard that the british Postal Service is organized much better and rigid. But let me know first-hand, please!

45 Replies to “Deutsche Post AG – a mailbag full of problems”

  1. I think Damn a..h..les. I hate it. If i could…never send anything with “Die Post”. Never ever.

    The Girlfriend

  2. No comment here about the “Deutsche Post AG”. Instead a lovely tale about the royal mail and on how to send a postcard from London to Muenster for free. All you need is some basic knowledge about british politics.

    Instead of putting a stamp, I wrote “postage paid by the president of the united states” on the upper right corner of the card. The rest of the card read “this postcard promotes peace” next to a sticker of the Socialist Workers Party which showed a picture of George W. and the the words “#1 Terrorist”.

    From there on I could only hope that a member of the postal union – which has close connections to the SWP – would proceed my card. Well, it seems I was lucky. Without paying a penny the card arrived in Germany – though slightly delayed. 🙂

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