The luck of the irish…

… is about to kick in! 

I was looking for inspiration what I could throw into my car’s cd player and there it was: House of Pain (of course by House of Pain 🙂 ). A record that I nearly had forgotten about in all the new Hip-Hop-down-the-drain-with-songs-by-50cent mood that I was in… But then I started listening again and I began to re-discover Hip-Hop as it should be.

Well, I must admit that when my favourite 90’s Rap act entered the scene, it was not only the music but also the possibility to identify yourself (being european) with the Hip-Hop thing that was going on. I mean: Everlast (the main singer/rapper of the group as you might all remember) was WHITE! And the whole crew was. But they bridged all that racist crap that might have occurred by collaborating with a lot of different rap stars of the time. The album was produced by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and if I remember correctly there have been songs with Cypress Hill and Sundoobie of Funkdoobiest on the album. I liked that! That was the way to do stuff back then. And the output was GREAT! Just listen to the following tracks:

  • Jump around
  • Shamrocks & shenanigans
  • Put on your shit kickers

I remember clearly how proud I was memorizing the whole lyrics of Shamrocks & shenanigans (maybe you know it under boom-shalack-lack-boom).

For me, that group really pushed things forward. And if you look at the careers of two of their members you might agree: Everlast persued a successful solo career with quite a few records sold and DJ Lethal is part of the notorious Limp Bizkit who have sold even more CDs (if that ever was/is a criteria for being successful).

That’s it for me today: Always remember: "I don’t have dreads ‘cuz I shave my head daily!" 


4 Replies to “The luck of the irish…”

  1. Mmmh, sweet memories of the old skool. I must admit House of Pain was really “fresh”. Especially their irish attitude (“I’m Irish – I don’t get drunk. Whiskey is like milk to me.” as Edward Norton says) was something new.

    I guess Everlast developed really well as a solo artist. DJ Lethal’s production with Limp Bizkit are not my cup of tea. Though he really had god beats and samples with House of Pain.

    Anyone ever recognized that the sample in “jump around” (this high squeeking noise – it goes something like: fyyyyp!!!) is exactly the same one as in a Cypress Hill track? Can’t remember which on, it’s probably “insane in the membrain”.

    Sounds like a serious conspiracy to me.

  2. Well, the album was produced by DJ Muggs, so having the same sounds seems kind of “natural” if not “normal”… Maybe that was just an hommage to composer efficiency 😉

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