Ong-Bak, anyone?

Tony Jaa from Ong-Back (Wallpaper from, I must say that martial arts might have become an art again. As the movie website puts it: First there was Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan took it to a new level, and now there is a new star… 

The Ong-Bak website is done quite nicely as well. So be sure to check it out.

I might add, that it’s not the story that keeps you watching the movie 😉 Although it is not THAT bad… But the martial arts choreography is just stunning. And they show fight-moves where you can definitely see that there are no strings attached.

I hope that Tony Jaa (the main actor) adds a bit of comedy to his repertoire. In Ong-Bak it’s mostly the side characters who are more or less funny. Thinking back to Bruce, you might have in mind that he was always a bit funny himself. Not only the rest of the crew. (Think of his performance in Meng long guojiang – aka: Die Todeskralle schlägt zurück… ).

Maybe you don’t share my young boys’ enthusiasm for martial arts movies, but I guess you can appreciate the athletism of this new shooting star. I hope that he stays around for longer that Bruce. R.I.P.

Have you seen Ong-Bak or Tony Jaa? Share your wisdom 😉 

3 Replies to “Ong-Bak, anyone?”

  1. Ich war ja sogar so begeistert, dass ich den Film einmal auf Thai gesehen habe. Allein die Eingangssequenz auf dem Baum im Dorf (bloss nicht zuviel verraten) hat mich recht angespannt aufrecht sitzen lassen. Und auch hier dachte ich mir wieder, dass ich in einem meiner nächsten 2-12 Leben sportlicher sein möchte. Neben 2-12 Sprachigkeit ist das eines meiner Traumziele 😉
    Allerdings bin ich gegen erst einmal nicht für komödiantische Anteile in den kommenden Filmen. Solange Jackie Chan noch lebt, soll ihm die Martial Comedy (oder isset Kung Fumedy?) vorbehalten sein.
    Ansonsten: Ich bin schlicht begeistert!!!

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