relief, anyone?

As I am pretty stressed out with working and caring about family business at the moment, I am looking for ways to relax.

I am actually not very creative at finding means to enjoy some free time. All I can think of (almost immediately) is ordering pizza and watching tv.

But can that be all? I guess not…

What are your experiences with different kinds of relaxation? Have you tried something that you can recommend? I am desperately looking to do things differently…

Please help (and comment)…!

The luck of the irish…

… is about to kick in! 

I was looking for inspiration what I could throw into my car’s cd player and there it was: House of Pain (of course by House of Pain ๐Ÿ™‚ ). A record that I nearly had forgotten about in all the new Hip-Hop-down-the-drain-with-songs-by-50cent mood that I was in… But then I started listening again and I began to re-discover Hip-Hop as it should be.

Well, I must admit that when my favourite 90’s Rap act entered the scene, it was not only the music but also the possibility to identify yourself (being european) with the Hip-Hop thing that was going on. I mean: Everlast (the main singer/rapper of the group as you might all remember) was WHITE! And the whole crew was. But they bridged all that racist crap that might have occurred by collaborating with a lot of different rap stars of the time. The album was produced by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and if I remember correctly there have been songs with Cypress Hill and Sundoobie of Funkdoobiest on the album. I liked that! That was the way to do stuff back then. And the output was GREAT! Just listen to the following tracks:

  • Jump around
  • Shamrocks & shenanigans
  • Put on your shit kickers

I remember clearly how proud I was memorizing the whole lyrics of Shamrocks & shenanigans (maybe you know it under boom-shalack-lack-boom).

For me, that group really pushed things forward. And if you look at the careers of two of their members you might agree: Everlast persued a successful solo career with quite a few records sold and DJ Lethal is part of the notorious Limp Bizkit who have sold even more CDs (if that ever was/is a criteria for being successful).

That’s it for me today: Always remember: "I don’t have dreads ‘cuz I shave my head daily!" 


Deutsche Post AG – a mailbag full of problems

I have been having trouble with one of the basic service institutions every society depends upon: The Postal Service (Deutsche Post AG). I can’t really understand what makes managers and employees tick in this corporation. I mean, don’t they realize that now is the time to position themselves as a reliable partner not only for businesses but also for private customers?

But it seems like they want to destroy every credibility they have before the monopoly breaks.
Here’s just two examples:
1. I was visiting my girlfriend in Munich and I forgot to pack two things: My Karl Lagerfeld@HM tie which I bought for New Year’s Eve and my MP3-Player with 256 MByte. My girlfriend packed each one in a separate air cushioned bag and sent them on their way. Funny enough only one item made it through to me. You can guess which one (one tip: I am still looking flashy in a suit ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) The only comment Deutsche Post AG employees made was that there are always “black sheep“. Does that mean that I have to go home and pray every time I send a letter with the Deutsche Post AG? My girlfriend filled out a retrieval application to make the Deutsche Post AG go and find the lost envelope. About 4 weeks later they sent a note that the application can’t be processed because the brand name and the description of the MP3 player for missing on the application. Which is a plain lie. I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend while she was filling out the application and I was spelling out the details from the package of my MP3 player. So this means: They just don’t give a shit…

2. My girlfriend was preparing a very special package for Christmas. She had put a lot of work and sweat into the design und presentation of all the presents for her family in Dortmund. So she wanted to get the package there as soon as possible. She sent it on December 17th, one week before Christmas Eve. Unluckily, the package only arrived in Dortmund December 28th with a slight detour via Lรผbeck(which is one of the most northern cities in Germany). A lot of tears were cried and a lot of swearing was done. Especially because the package that her parents sent to Munich was handled from Tuesday to Wednesday… Explanation, anyone?

Alright, I admit that you could argue the second example was DHL and not Deutsche Post AG, but: DHL is owned by Deutsche Post AG so I don’t make that slight distinction anymore, okay?

Could people please go back to working the way they used to? I mean, they were always totally annoying and “service” was not the descripton of choice but at least the basic transportation was managed correctly. Maybe it backfires if you have the word “layoffs” in the air and your employees are a little bit unsettled about their situation. But who am I to comment on that. They don’t care about disgruntled customers as long as the monopoly lives…

What are your experiences with service providers in Germany and abroad? I heard that the british Postal Service is organized much better and rigid. But let me know first-hand, please! – ‘People Who Hate People’ – ‘People Who Hate People’

I’d like to bring to your attention a man that has inspired me very much in being cynical and dis-illusioned. He was one of the more aggressive comedians in the american scene. And funny enough his remarks about the first War on Iraq – “desert storm” – still apply to the current situation. Even the name of his major opponent stayed the same: George Bush…

Well, unfortunately he is dead already, but if you ever have the opportunity to get ahold of any book or cd by the hero of “comedy of hate”, just take a second to check it out.

I guess you could by some stuff at Amazon:

Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines
Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution
Rant in E-Minor
One Consciousness: An Analysis of Bill Hicks’ Comedy
Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines

For those of you who live near-by: You are welcome to stop for an evening of musings about Bill Hicks and listen to some of his works!

Here’s a small appetizer: “My opinion on gays in the military? Well… Anyone….DUMB ENOUGH! to wanna be in the military…should be allowed in!” – I quite like that taste ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know if you have heard about Bill Hicks before and what you think of him. Share! ๐Ÿ™‚

Seen it: SAW


It is advertised as “the creepiest horror flick since ‘seven'”. I must admit that it is a very good movie with a very surprising ending. But I would not compare it to a stroke of genius like “seven”. Well, even the plot is not that near to that serial killer epos.

Well, I don’t want you to think that it’s a crappy movie. Not at all. I liked it very much even the ending and everything. It left me and my friend with a lot to talk about afterwards. Which I think is very important for a movie to do! But I think this is another example of counter-productive marketing techniques. Comparing movies with other films is just not the right thing to do.

Comparing films to masterpieces as advertising strategy is really turning me off. Because it doesn’t do justice to any of the two.

A better way is in this case the very “beautiful” website. It is really immersive and enthralling. It totally gets you into the action, but still leaves you without a clue of how the movie really takes place. I think you should really go for sites like this if you want to promote entertainment! Really cool. In opposition to the “Constantine” website which I find really boring in comparison to the “SAW” website. (Constantine website)

How do you feel about it? Have you seen “SAW”? What do you think about movie advertising strategies? What do you think of the Website?

Working in trains

I have recently been to Munich for about a week. Actually, many people are complaining about the "Deutsche Bahn" and I am, too. Prices, Service, anything you want: It just sucks. But when it comes down to concentration and getting work done, it may be the best transportation alternative at the moment. You can’t really do anything while driving a car, can you? And if you travel in Germany, you won’t be getting any real work done in the process of flying for one hour neither. But being here on the ICE from Munich to Essen, I really could concentrate on some of the details of the problems I had to solve. So for me, it suddenly even becomes less expensive to travel by train… If I only work two fifths of the time on the train, I can afford the ticket. That makes it a pretty nice deal. … if you have to travel, that is ๐Ÿ˜‰ What are your thoughts on that? What alternatives do you see? Where can I save money/time? Feel free to comment on this one!

New content

Okay, so I added some more content to the right navigation menu.
I guess this whole thing will evolve over time so don’t judge me on what’s there.

But I will try to update the design in one of the next steps and I will add more content in the process. I will also comment on the links that I added in more detail soon. So if you want to know what makes my day, stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here we go

I have tried several times to start a blog of my own. In the past I always played around for a while but didn’t find enough time and enthusiams to keep it up. Something was always not good enough. So pray that I will keep this one updated ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually I believe that it will be easier to maintain this blog, because this is strictly private stuff. And believe me, there is always something to write about. May it be noteworthy or not.

I am not trying to re-invent the wheel this time. I hope that I can bring myself to concentrate on the writing and evolve the design in the process.

So bare with me. Your comments are welcome!